E&T – DMIT Practical 1


First lesson of Engineering & Technology Project



What does URL stand for ?

URL – Uniform Resource Locator



What is the default scheme in URL?

URL is split into 2 components: Protocol identifier & Resource name. An URL contains https which help us to access photos, music, documents and in the internet. An example of URL is https://www.google.com.sg. The “http” stand for hypertext transfer protocol  which actually protects the data that is being transferred through a network between sources. That’s why whenever we browse the internet, the website address bar has this green padlock symbol.

Give an example of URL to an Image, Word Document, and music.


Referring to the figure below, after the user submitting the registration form, where is the information stored?

Enter a caption

The information is stored in My SQL Database.


List All The Jargons You Have Learned.

  • ISP : Internet Service Provider
  • WAN : Wide Area Network
  • DHCP : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • VPN : Virtual Private Network
  • IP Address : Internet Protocol Address

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