Active & Effective Citizenry (AEC) – HBL Reflection

What I Know About MoneyManagement What I Want to Know About Money Management What I’ve Learned About Money Management
It’s about handling our spending, savings and budgeting.? How to invest money? Its about the initiative one takes to find out more about their financial issues and to resolve them.
The ultimate goal is always to be cost efficient.  How to limit the expenses for our “wants” than “needs”? One must do financial plan ahead for the future.

I liked 2 videos. Specifically the ‘How To Pay Yourself First’ & ‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Investing’. (       (  

The videos have taught me to do a simple strategy to keeping aside a fixed amount of money monthly for our personal expense during an emergency. Its similar to CPF. This actually is a smart method of savings. The money will accumulate in the separate account created for emergency use. We set aside the money monthly and later we pay off our bills and debts. The remaining money can be used for our expense on our ‘wants’.

I have never tried such method of saving, though I do save up money. I usually put all the money I have earn during part time job, freelance work & bursary awards into my bank account and use the money whenever I want. Though I always keep receipts of purchases, i don’t keep track of them. Hence, this video has actually highlighted to me about the importance of it.





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