Active & Effective Citizenry (AEC) Reflection 4

What are Singaporeans’ concerns? What are our migrant’s concerns? Can there be a happy marriage between these concerns?


Lately many Singaporeans are worried about having too many foreigners in Singapore. They are concerned about the dilution of culture in Singapore. As more foreigners migrate to Singapore they bring in more cultural influences, which may be a threat to Singaporean culture. Though some may say that it’s a part of globalisation and people across the world will be more aware of different cultures, Singaporeans still believe that their local culture will start to deplete slowly. Food has always been an identity for Singapore. For example, the westerners brought in their culture of fast food and western food. These made many youngsters to lose sight of the significance of our food.

Singaporeans are also complaining about the opportunities for them to succeed. Many foreigners are skilled and have better qualifications than  Singaporeans. They are also in demand in many TNCs and MNCs because of their skills and knowledge. Thus many Singaporeans find it competitive to get employed and succeed in their jobs.

Most of the migrants are worried about how well off they would be in Singapore, only after they have settled in Singapore. Migrants are worried about how they will be seen or welcomed in the society. Though they are worried about such social threats they face, most have a mindset of that that they cannot do much about it.



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