Active & Effective Citizenry (AEC) Reflection 5

What is a “good country” to me? Do I consider Singapore a good country?


A “good country” to me is one that has made good for the world. A good country does not necessarily need to have the biggest economy or education system. It does’t need to have the strongest security or the biggest army. It does not need to have biggest population or land area.  It just needs good people. A country is like a big society, if we were to view it in a larger system level. A society is basically made of large group of people. If a person contributes positively to the society, the society will get better. Its not about having the best out of everything. But its about the impact one has done to the society, which benefits the world. For example, USA owns “Exxon Mobil”, one of the biggest oil company in the world. Though it provides gas and oil to many people, it has also contributed to the global warming, making USA the 2nd in the list of countries with biggest carbon emission. On the other hand a Sweden engineer,Niels Bohlin, who invented the 3 point car seatbelt, has saved many people’s lives in car accidents. Thus Sweden is a good country, as it helped the world through such effort.

I consider Singapore as a good country. Although it’s a small country, it establishes itself well. It might not have many resources and big manpower but it tries to help other countries. For example the RSAF helped Malaysia by, bringing water and food supplies in their C-130 helicopter during the flood happened in 2014, which affected many Malaysians. Hence I consider Singapore as a good country for me.







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