Active & Effective Citizenry (AEC) Reflection 6

What if Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers? What will happen?


Singapore started off with a very small population and with no natural resources. There was limited land and very small amount of immigrants. The economy was relatively poor. As such the only few things which made Singapore an economic success, were the “harbour” and “foreign trade and investment”. The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, welcomed foreign trade and investment into Singapore. Hence many MNCs & TNCs found Singapore as a natural hub to expand and prosper. For such big companies to thrive in a small island like Singapore, they need manpower and skilled based workers. Therefore Singapore needs to supply them with such workers. Singapore turned towards foreign countries to supply workers because of their skills and cheap labour. Most Singaporeans do not come forward to take up such jobs and they do not have the fine skills.

Therefore, without foreign workers, MNCs & TNCs in Singapore will start to to lose out. They will have insufficient workers to continue to support Singapore’s economy. Singapore’s major economical source are SMEs. Hence the economy will fall without foreign workers. I think that in such case, Singaporeans have no choice but to take up the positions of the foreign workers. Singaporeans will have to fill up their spaces to atleast sustain the nation’s economy and to prevent  it from becoming worse.


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