Made in Singapore

Singapore has always been a booming business hub, despite being a small island.  But Singapore has also been a nation producing brilliant inventors. Many Singaporeans have directly or indirectly involved in revolutionary inventions. One of such invention is the thumb drive. A storage device invented by a Singaporean from Singapore based-Trek Technologies. It was a revolution because previously the only portable data storage system was a floppy disk or a writable disc(CD-R). They also had small amount of data storage space. However the thumb drive( aka flash drive) was a lot more portable in terms of size and had a bigger storage system. They come in various storage capacity, allowing more users to use it according to their preferred storage capacity. (eg: 4GB, 8GB, 16G & 32GB) This invention also lead to innovation in bigger data storage systems (adopting the same idea as thumb drive) with added features such as security, cloud services and etc. For example portable hard disk was introduced with much bigger storage capacity. (eg: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB & 2TB). Hence in my perspective of view, the Thumb Drive was not only a great invention but also a stepping stone to greater innovations.

If i were an inventor I will make a watch which has the ability to travel time into the past and the future. Making a milestone in watch design & manufacturing industry and probably could save lives and make things better for the present through time travelling. Sounds impossible but impossible things are the challenges to human kind, leading to the root of our existence, “why are we here?”.


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