Unusual Occupations

Singapore’s economy has many sectors. The main sectors are industries and business. (Manufacturing and Services fall under them). The trending job field now is ‘Aerospace and Aviation’ industry. It’s a booming industry which has become competitive and international. Many youths are attracted to this field. Despite being a growing industry with many common jobs in Singapore, it has unusual occupations too. Specifically “astronaut”. It is unusual because it sounds “alien” in Singapore, if we were to talk about it. However, if we were to talk about an astronaut from USA for instance, it wouldn’t sound weird as compared to an astronaut from Singapore. This is probably because we are stereotypical. The prevalence of astronauts from NASA in USA, leads us to such a distinction.

Being an astronaut seems ‘usual’ in USA, because the country is being actively involved in space and astronomy. Astronauts are always in demand for NASA. It’s very popular which makes the occupation ‘usual’ in USA. In Singapore, it’s a whole new ball of game. Our nation has never been actively involved in this field due to the low demand and high cost in setting up. It is also not a popular job in Singapore.

Another reason why i view astronaut as an unusual job is because it’s unique. Astronauts explore vast reaches of space. They go to places human kind might not have been to. One interesting thing about being an astronaut is the fact that its a risky job yet a cool one. What we have accomplished in our life on earth is insignificant when compared to what astronauts do in space. They have a different view of what human life form is. Hence being an astronaut seems an unusual occupation in Singapore, in my perspective of view.


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