Global Voices

Raising out the critical problems in our modern society is pretty tough. Especially when only a few people are daring to voice them out. Moreover the media and government also play a crucial role in bringing up the awareness and finding solutions to problems. One article which caught my attention was the ‘West Papua’s Coral Reefs’, from ‘’. The article is about saving marine animals and habitat. The Bird’s Head Peninsula in Raja Ampat, west of New Guinea, is the richest reef in the world. This marine reserve was a success through the efforts of the West Papuans and the support of Conservation International. Ronald Mambrasar is a Papuan fisherman. When he was younger, illegal fisherman arrived in Raja Ampat and started to destroy the aquatic life and coral reef. The West Papuans stood as a community to raise out the problem with the help of partners in their country.They all had a similar goal. They wanted to create a change. They wanted to protect the nature, so that the next generations could enjoy the nature as how it is now. Hence, Ronald Mambrasar and other fisherman were hired and trained by Conservation International to be marine conservationists. With the skills and knowledge gained, they are able to conserve Raja Ampat by themselves with resources provided.  Finally, they were able to revive the health of the coral reef as a community.

This story clearly shows how natural habitats are being endangered by harmful human activities. It’s also an example of how as a community, an issue could be voiced out. Personally I feel glad about this. Just a usual fisherman, from a small island was able to make such a big change. He has not only saved thousands of marine lives but also brought awareness to the world about ‘nature deprivation’. Its disappointing to see that educated people like us sometimes fail to understand the Mother Nature. If uneducated people are able to appreciate nature, so can we. It’s never too late to change. Lets play our part in saving the earth! I have always intended to work with such an organisation which gives me opportunities to solve problems. I am happy that i came across this article.




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