wwfThe South East Asian Haze is caused by the annual deforestation and forest fire in Indonesia. Due to the Southwest monsoon winds, Singapore is also affected. Though the haze in Singapore is largely caused by the forest fires, we citizens have also contributed to it.

Firstly its due to our year long carbon emission. Motor vehicles and industries contribute to Singapore’s air pollution largely. Especially with our traffic congestion. Carbon emission from the vehicles and industries have contributed to the haze.

From NCSS, Governement webpage of Singapore

Secondly its due to products we actually buy. As consumers, we might go for cheaper products (within our budget) . Without much awareness about how the products are produced, we have been indirectly contributing to the haze. Some of us purchase products, without considering it is sustainable or not. Products that are manufactured in sustainable ways have logos printed on them. These logos represents the sustainability of products. Meaning, the products are made in environmentally friendly way. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organisation which runs a global forest certification system. Products are labelled with a “tick tree” logo, which means it is certified. This logo only applies to wood, paper or any forest products.  Which also means that the trees harvested are allowed to grow  back again naturally. The company also ensures that part of forests is protected, to protect rare animals and plants. Such methods are much more environmentally healthier than deforestation.


Other than FSC logos, there is the certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) logo. This is a logo which certifies that the palm oil is produced in a sustainable method. Consumers might should also consider turning towards palm oil, as it generally has the highest yield per hectare comparing to other oil. Such as coconut, sunflower and soya oil.


On the whole we should be more aware about the products we purchase and look out for the logos which certifies that the product is sustainably produced. If we continue to buy unsustainable products, we would support such companies to continue manufacturing such products through environmentally harmful ways.








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