$5 Challenge

I did the $5 challenge during a school day. I knew that if I were to do it during a holiday or weekend, I will feel tempting to buy more food, out of the budget. Hence I did it in poly. But i was worried that the food in the food courts will be too expensive.

I didn’t had my breakfast as I was rushing to school and my first lecture starts at 8 am. Hence I skipped breakfast and save money there for my lunch. For lunch I bought 2 chocolate waffles from Food court 3. It cost me about $3. ($1.50 each). Luckily I brought my water bottle to school, so I didn’t had to buy any drink. Surprisingly I was feeling full with just 2 waffles. Probably I was used to the poly schedule. Hence I didn’t felt hungry for the time being.


My last lecture ended at 6 pm. I left SP and went to the 7-Eleven at the Dover MRT station. I was only left with $2 for my dinner. I was looking through the shop for any food within $2. Then I decided to buy a cup noodle and a regular sized cup drink for $2 under the combo offer. I bought it and enjoyed it. The noodles with the drink was just enough to beat my hunger and keep me full.


End of the day, I was left with $0 and survived the day with $5. Personally it was pretty hard for me to survive with just $5 a day. But i successfully completed the challenge. Maybe if did the $5 dollar challenge during a holiday or weekend, it would have been much easier for me. Because i would be able to get much cheaper food near my house, but as i mentioned it would be a struggle to stay at home with all the food at kitchen. This activity also provoked me to think about the poor people in the world and how would they feel without a meal in their day. Furthermore, it also helped to reinforce what my told to me, in my life. Never to waste food. I’m sure I would be like that in the future.


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