Heritage Trail

During the term break, I went on a heritage trail with Aini. I rarely go on a heritage trail as i used to think that it was of no use. But not after this one.

We went to Singapore River for the trail. Here is a list of the places we visited along the Singapore River:

  • The Merlion
  • Bayfront
  • Sir Stamford Raffles Landing Site

What I have learnt from this trail:

Singapore River holds significant heritage value to Singapore. As a fishing village Singapore started off from here. Singapore River used to be a centre of trade. It passes through Clarke Quay, Boat Quay & Robertson Quay (3 main Quays). It was a place which made a living for people like traders, fishermen and coolies. It’s also the place where Sir Stamford Raffles first step foot on Singapore.

Sir Stamford Raffles Landing Site
The Fullerton Hotel

The trail started here, from Fullerton Hotel. I walked to the Merlion from there.

Sculptures along the river
Sculptures along the river

WhatsApp-Image-20160717 (1)

As I walked I saw the sculptures along the river. They depict how life used to be back then in Singapore.

The Merlion is the icon of Singapore. It symbolizes Singapore’s historical roots as a fishing village.

Despite the beautiful scenery, skyscrapers and good looking foreigners, it was the experience which meant a lot to me. Through this heritage trail, I learnt to appreciate Singapore better. Realizing how Singapore has grown so much made me feel proud about being a Singaporean. The feeling is totally different from what we learn about the history through reading and those history lessons during Secondary School. Through the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s efforts, we get to enjoy the Singapore River. He brought up the “River Clean Up Campaign”, clearing the pollution in the river. Because of that, now we can enjoy water activities on the river. Not only that, after the river clean up, Singapore River became a place for tourism and entertainment. Many commercial buildings, skyscrapers, hotels and restaurants are located along the river. Hence its a tourist attraction. Furthermore Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s vision to build the Marina Barrage Dam, forming a reservoir (Marina Reservoir) also allowed many to use it for recreational activities. Eg: (SEA Games 2015, Youth Olympic games 2010, etc)

Because of the hard work of our forefathers and leaders, Singapore is a successful country now. It’s now our responsibility to make this island an even better place for us all. As a citizen, I hope I can contribute to the nation positively.



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