ABE Project

Group Name: KJAP

Members: Ponni, Kar Jung,  Aini & Jervis



We started off with the design of the tower. We had 2 initial designs. Then we compared them and decided to combine the 2 ideas and we created the 3rd design. We finalized the 3rd design and started developing further with a center column and supports for every level. We also derived our measurements from calculating various different factors such as height, length and strength.


For our design section, we had initial designs before we finalized a final design. For our initial design, we decided the dimension of 19 x 19 x 50cm. We decided on the minimal height since we didn’t want our tower to be too tall and wobbly. Also, in our initial design, we thought of making 5 levels with about 10cm difference in height. We also decided, at that time, to have an empty roof. We did had ideas for a centre pillar. However, since we weren’t sure how to connect the centre pillar to the tower itself, we had doubts. After the first session where we started on preparation, we began to notice some places for improvements in our initial design. We started to focus on support and equally spreading the forces. We gave up on many of the ideas from the initial design.

DMIT Initial Design
Initial Tower Design

We gave up on the flooring since we knew it would just be a waste of material and time. So instead of a flooring, we decided on triangular braces to support the base of the tower. Also, instead of 5 levels, we agreed on only 3 levels with 16.67cm difference in height. This was because we didn’t have much time left and we focused the materials more to supporting the tower. Also, after consulting the teachers, we finalise the centre pillar idea and how to connect it to the tower. Also, we decided on a front and back member to support each level. In addition, we threw away the empty roof idea and decided to support the roof as well. We designed and made a base roof to help support the weights during the test.


We then prepared the main needs for the tower. We measured the appropriate amount of sticks for each level. We also kept 4 original-length sticks for the 4 columns of our tower. After we had enough ,appropriate-length, sticks we began to glue on our 4 columns, centre pillar and our first floor. We also had to prepare the braces for the 4 columns and centre pillar by sanding the ends the sticks.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-02 at 14.31.29
Gluing the sticks
WhatsApp Image 2016-08-02 at 14.31.23
Completely Erected Columns & Center Pillar





Our construction was planned as followed:

  • Column Erection + Centre Pillar
  • First Floor & Foundation Reinforcement
  • Second Floor
  • Third Floor
  • Rooftop

* Construction of column erection & centre pillar was mentioned in preparation*

Construction Towe DMIT.PNG
First Floor and foundation

The first floor was reinforced using braces. We glued the braces to the base and columns. (2 braces for each column).  Second floor was just constructed using some sticks and members were formed. Each member consists of 2 sticks taped together. The second floor was also reinforced using braces. The braces were used to strengthen the joint between the members and the centre pillar.  The third was also constructed similar to the second floor. But no reinforcements were made due to lack of time. Hence we finished the tower by constructing the rooftop. The rooftop uses a truss system which also includes a cross member. This helps to distribute the force evenly.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-02 at 14.30.59.jpeg
2nd Floor
WhatsApp Image 2016-08-02 at 14.30.53
Third Floor & Rooftop

Problems faced

There were three problems that we found out about our tower. These problems caused our tower to fall and crumble. The first is our lack of materials, reinforcements, and time management.

  1. Lack of materials

One major problem that caused our tower to fail is because of our poor choice of materials such that we used room much wood instead of other light materials like string.if we had used the strings, our structure would be lighter and stronger. This would increase our efficiency and we would be able to hold more weight, allowing us to get better results too.

  1.    Reinforce the right places

Another big problem lies at our inability to reinforce the central beam which is the one that took most of the weight. We should have used the nylon strings to strengthen the central pole and also the levels too.

  1.    We spent too much time planning for the tower.

Instead of dedicating our time to build and strengthen the tower, we wasted too much time planning and after the planning, the results were also not desirable. Hence, we should have planned fast and did it before the building periods.

Lessons learnt

  • Use lighter building materials
  • Plan before-hand
  • Focus on efficiency
  • Do more research

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