ABE Tower – Challenges

Problems faced

There were three problems that we found out about our tower. These problems caused our tower to fall and crumble. The first is our lack of materials, reinforcements, and time management.

  1. Lack of materials

One major problem that caused our tower to fail is because of our poor choice of materials such that we used room much wood instead of other light materials like string.if we had used the strings, our structure would be lighter and stronger. This would increase our efficiency and we would be able to hold more weight, allowing us to get better results too.

  1.    Reinforce the right places

Another big problem lies at our inability to reinforce the central beam which is the one that took most of the weight. We should have used the nylon strings to strengthen the central pole and also the levels too.

  1.    We spent too much time planning for the tower.

Instead of dedicating our time to build and strengthen the tower, we wasted too much time planning and after the planning, the results were also not desirable. Hence, we should have planned fast and did it before the building periods.

ABE Tower Challenges.PNG


Lessons learnt

  • Use lighter building materials
  • Plan before-hand
  • Focus on efficiency
  • Do more research

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