Red Dot Museum – Reflection

When i went to the Red Dot Museum, i saw many products and design concepts. Out of all the designs present there, 3 designs stood out which caught my eyes and sparked my interest.

1st picture shows a lamp. Its basically made of a light bulb with wooden strips forming the case of the lamp. I personally like Scandinavian designs. The lamp has a simplicity which makes it unique and the patterns create a cool vision for users when using the lamp. This design is most probably created for people who like Scandinavian designs and users who seek simple yet an unique design in a daily life product. The design meets the basic need of containing a light bulb. Another need is that, it has an appropriate size as its a lamp that should hanged from the ceiling. Hence it cannot be too big. The size was just perfect.

2nd picture shows a poster design. The design seems very tribal and wild, it immediately caught my eyes. I always love such designs. It involves combinations of various patterns there is a symmetry in the picture. I also love mandala designs. So i could relate that design to mandala. Often these design emphasizes on balance and equality despite the vibrant and strong colors and wild designs. That design talks about “YAO” which means well-being. Its about the believe in religion and god.

3rd picture is also a lamp, but its a ceiling lamp. Its different from the 1st picture. This lamp includes a light bulbs and the body is made by clear glass. So when the ย light bulb is on, it gives a cool glowing effect which made me more interested in it. I found out that there is a cool illusion when the lamp is seen from the bottom. It appears to be like liquid. That’s probably why i love that simple and classic looking lamp a lot. It has the same needs as the design from the 1st pic.


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