Active and Effective Citizenry (AEC) – Reflection 2

My VIA Character quiz results from







Reflection Questions:

Have my parents influenced my character strengths somehow?

Not really. I always had my own perspective of how I see the world. As such, I was not being influenced by my parents or peers, character wise. But I have to admit that I am a stubborn person. I refuse to accept what is right and what is wrong easily. Therefore my character changed as I started to realise the reality as I mature. I learn from my mistakes and I changed my character for better. Hence, my character strengths were not influenced by my parents directly, but it might have indirectly through self-realisation.


How can I use my strengths to create the kind of society I wish to live in?

Its definitely possible for one to make a change in a big society. I believe that my character of forgiveness can make relationships stronger in my family, the basic unit of society, if we were to see in a molecular system level. In a larger system level, I believe my hunger for deep knowledge and skill can allow me to share what I have learnt and discovered to the nation. This may be a stepping stone for other or even myself to further discoveries for the better of our world and universe.



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